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Happy 13th Anniversary!

Perfect Pointe Physiotherapy (PPP) provides professional and holistic assessment, East Meet West Physiotherapy treatment, Acupuncture and Clinical Pilates rehabilitation programs, which are tailor made to meet the needs and targets of each patient from all walks of lives and all levels of dancers and athletes from social to elite status. We believe rapid and accurate assessment and treatment are KEY to return to patient's high quality of life and favorite dance/sports activities.

Calcaneus X-ray

Dance Injury Prevention

Dance Anatomy Class
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Located in the heart of Central

Medical Attention You Can Rely On


Meet The Team


Jenny Chan

Professional Qualification approved by

Hong Kong Physiotherapists Board:

Registered Physiotherapist (HK),

Master of Chinese Medicine in

Acupuncture and Moxibustion (HKU),

MSc in Manipulative Physiotherapy (PolyU, HK),

BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy (PolyU, HK)

Diploma in Acupuncture for

Physiotherapist (HKPA),

Other Qualification:

Consultant Physiotherapist

of Hong Kong Ballet (2007-2023)


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Gordon Tsang

Professional Qualification approved by

Hong Kong Physiotherapists Board:


Registered Physiotherapist (HK, UK),

Master of Science 

in Physiotherapy (LBU, UK),

MSc in Sports Medicine

& Health Science (CUHK),


Other Qualification:


& Pilates Teacher of

Hong Kong Ballet 


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Samuel Copelan

“Jenny and the Perfect Pointe team are incredible. They're experience with dancers and other elite athletes make them more than capable to handle the recurring pain I (a regular guy) have had since a back injury. Jenny listens well, asks incredibly thoughtful questions and is quickly able to diagnose the root area of my pain, even when it seems to be tangential. I would be skeptical, but it works every time. I also appreciate that Jenny sends me home with exercises and advice on how to sustain my improved feeling. I've seen many physical therapists since my injury, but Jenny is the most knowledgeable and effective by far! I wish I could give more than 5 stars! ."

Jon Jones

"I arrived at Perfect Pointe bent over and in pain. After even the first session with Gordon I was actually walking like a homoerectus once again. I cannot recommend this physio shop strongly enough--Gordon is so well trained and seems to intuit where the problem is. After working with him for six weeks, I got my life back again and was educated about how to keep the back in good shape. I will definitely be going for maintenance when I return to
Hong Kong.

Hope Patterson

"I'm so grateful for Perfect Pointe Physiotherapy! Jenny is a miracle worker, her methods are incredibly effective and I credit my speedy and full recovery after a traumatic ankle injury injury to my sessions with Jenny at Perfect Pointe. Would highly recommend to any and all athletes/dancers, and even everyday individuals wanting to overcome injury or weakness."

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Accurate Physiotherapy Assessment


A Happier, Healthier You

At Perfect Pointe Physiotherapy, our Sports and Dance Physiotherapist has more then 20 years of experience treating dancers of Hong Kong Ballet and extensive experience working on-field for Rugby Sevens, Tennis Tournament ad Hong Kong Art Festival. Our personalized Physiotherapy for Dancers and Athletes provide patients with the resources they need to get their health on track — you’ll leave our clinic well informed and confident that your health is in good hands. Get in touch and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Girl Lacing Up Her Shoes

Physiotherapists with 20 years experience treating professional dancers from Ballet, Ball Room, Latin to hip-hop etc.


Quality Care

Accurate assessment is the key to effective treatment. Our professional team will tailor-made Physiotherapy treatment plan for each and every patient. We have east-meet-west treatment like the most updated new technology i.e. shockwave therapy, mopped neck traction machine and the most traditional Chinese Acupuncture, fire cupping etc. to help each and every patient get better quicker!




Imported from Germany, a brand new treatment method to improve chronic condition like plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow etc. Effective breaking Scar Tissue and Adhesion in the muscles and joints!

lumbar traction_edited.jpg
lumbar traction_edited.jpg

Cervical and Lumbar Traction Machine

 Prolapse intervertebral  Disc (PID) or Bulging is becoming more and more popular disease now.

One of the treatment is to use cervical / lumbar traction machine aiming to help decompress the disc and relief pain and numbness etc.

Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI of lambosacral spine or L-S spine on sagittal plane show
A neurosurgeon pointing and demonstrating anatomy of artificial human cervical spine model
Neck traction.jpeg
Reformer pilates studio machine for fitness workouts in gym.jpg

Clinical Pilates Therapy

Equipment imported from the US

taught one-on-one by Registered Physiotherapist  tailor-made for your condition or injuryfor improving sports and dance performance plus posture correction and core muscles strengthening


"My Pilates session with Gordon made me a strong and smart dancer. Thank you Gordon!"

Ms. Jessica Burrows, Soloist of Hong Kong Ballet

Ultrasound imaging of your core muscles

Core is deep inside our body. As it is not invisible from the surface, it is hard to know whether we are engaging the core when doing Pilates. Thanks to the modern technology now we can use ultrasound imaging the detect the activities of our core muscles and do an accurate therapeutic exercise to strengthen it. Therefore, getting a better result. Work Smart!

Ultrasound diagnostic of stomach on abdominal to woman in clinic, closeup. Doctor man runs


Evidence based proven to work

Our physiotherapist is qualified by Hong Kong Physiotherapist board. With modern anatomy and Chinese traditional medicine knowledge, we provide east meet west acupuncture therapy to help chronic pain and joint mobility problem effectively. Our physiotherapist was graduated with a master degree from Medicine Faculty of

The University of Hong Kong in 2017.


Here For You

In the Olympic Games, athletes were using cupping therapy to help them restore their energy from heavy training. Researches has evidence showing it is working on myofascia release.


Jenny and Gordon Physiotherapist teaches Dance Anatomy Class for dance students and advanced level for dancers and dance teachers. We will continue to teach online zoom class for dance injury prevention and performance enhancement. 

For enquire or collaboration, please email us at or whatsapp +852 6080 5655.

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